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Formaldehyde Meter

- Can be displayed simultaneously formaldehyde, temperature, humidity, easy to monitor. - Occupational safety monitoring shows TWA (8 hours) and STEL (15 mins). - Use high-precision electrochemical sensors. - The maximum / minimum / average hold. - Stores 200 records manually. - Data hold. - Formaldehyde maximum and minimum alarm value setting. - Back light display.


ST-140 VIBRATION METER ST-140D DATALOGGING VIBRATION METER •Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement measurement. •High sensitivity probe head for accurate measurement. •Provides long and short probe head. •Frequency LO range: 10Hz-1KHz meet ISO 2954-2012 Measurement Hi range:10Hz-5KHz. •Stores 99 records manually.(ST-140) •Data logger with 9999 records capacity.(ST-140D) •USB interface.(ST-140D) •Auto power off with disable function.

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TENMARS ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer specializing in the Test and Measurement Instruments. We are located in the Neihu Tech Park in Taipei, Taiwan to serve the worldwide customers. Our R&D team has over 20 years experience in the OEM and ODM projects. We are constantly developing new products to bring Mutual benefits to our customers.

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Produce the high performance digitized and computerized instruments with the advanced technology and equipment.
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