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Indoor Air Quality Meter
1. Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor ensures long-term stability and durability. 2. 4 Measurements: CO2, CO2 Ventilation Rate, Temperature and Humidity. 3. Data logging 50,000 records with fast USB download. 4. Large, easy-to-read display: ºC, º F, %RH, CO2 (PPM). 5. CO2 reading adjusted for altitude changes. 6. Measurement range from 0~10,000 PPM.
- Large LED display.- Measurement: CO2, temp. and humidity.- The selection of °C or °F.- Real time data.- Data Hold function.- Alarm function.
RF Three-Axis Field Strength Meter
Features: ▪10MHz to 8GHz Frequency range. ▪ For isotropic measurements of electromagnetic    fields. ▪ Non-directional (isotropic)measurement with three-   channel measurement sensor. ▪ High dynamic range due to three-channel digital   results processing. ▪ Configurable alarm threshold and memory function   (200 records). ▪ Easy & safety to use ▪ Low battery detector ▪ Over load indication. ▪ Auto power-off with disable function. Application: ▪ High frequency (RF) electromagnetic wave field     strength measurement. ▪ Mobil phone base station antenna radiation power   density measurement. ▪ Wireless communication applications (CW, TDMA,   GSM, DECT). ▪ RF power measurement for transmitters. ▪ Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installation. ▪ Spy camera, wireless bug finder. ▪ Cellular /Cordless phone radiation safety level. ▪ Microwave oven leakage detection. ▪ Personal living environment EMF safety.

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TENMARS ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer specializing in the Test and Measurement Instruments. We are located in the Neihu Tech Park in Taipei, Taiwan to serve the worldwide customers. Our R&D team has over 20 years experience in the OEM and ODM projects. We are constantly developing new products to bring Mutual benefits to our customers.

Design and produce safe, user-friendly, and high quality instruments.
Produce the high performance digitized and computerized instruments with the advanced technology and equipment.
Offer various, reliable and endurable instruments to meet the customer's satisfaction.

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